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After submitting three cards, each member receives a HANDICAP INDEX calculated in accordance with the World Handicapping System (WHS) and stored on the England Golf database.

The HANDICAP INDEX allows a player to determine the appropriate number of shots they receive when playing a particular course, with allowance given for the set of tees being used, this is known as the COURSE HANDICAP and is used for match play competitions or social golf.

For all handicap-qualifying stroke play club competitions (medal, Stableford or par format), PLAYING HANDICAPS are 95% of COURSE HANDICAP .

To work out your PLAYING HANDICAP, first look up your COURSE HANDICAP using the below conversion tables, or the England Golf app which has a 'WHS Course Handicap Calculator' under the 'more' menu.

Second, adjust - if your COURSE HANDICAP IS:

10 or under :- PLAYING HANDICAP is same as COURSE HANDICAP

11-30 :- PLAYING HANDICAP is COURSE HANDICAP less 1 stroke

31 or over :- PLAYING HANDICAP is COURSE HANDICAP less 2 strokes

Use your PLAYING HANDICAP to determine your number of strokes received to calculate you net medal score and net pars for Stableford or par formats.

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